Oddities with Paging Pro scheduling

Good morning all. For the first time ever, I’ve started to use the Paging Pro module for scheduled tones (for a school). I built the schedule and expected it to actually work, but for some reason, it didn’t. Initially I only had a paging tone with no announcement. I’ve since changed it to have no tone with an announcement of a temporary sound I’ve loaded. In my CDR it never attempts the call at the programmed times. However, I did discover that it made a single call at 4am ET this morning (not at all on our schedule). When in Paging Pro, it shows the proper system time. System time was set for UTC, which I’ve now set to Eastern (new york), but it had no effect. Even if the times were offset by the time zone, it still should have played several tones starting at 4am, and it only played the one. Attached is a screenshot of the schedule. Programming seems incredibly self-explanatory, so not seeing how I could have screwed that up, but where there’s a will… :slight_smile:

In looking at it, the 4am page does align with the 8am programmed page, but none of the other subsequent pages went off.

FPBX14, PagePro:


In bash, type:


Does it return the correct time?

Yes it does. And after a third reboot, now the schedule seems to be being honored. VERY WEIRD… In other words, paging now seems to be working after multiple reboots.

we have this working with no issues (On FreePBX/Asterisk 13/13)

Another oddity - after the page, the channel stays open to the phone (it doesn’t hang up). Is that normal?

In looking at the CRON jobs, I’m not seeing one for each line of the schedule, only a few. I’m also seeing a CRON job for an old schedule page that’s been deleted… Every time I edit it and apply, I would expect it to regenerate the CRON jobs, but it doesn’t appear to be doing so.

That’s not how it works. I’d have to look into the code to see how it does work but it doesnt create a cron for each line of the schedule.

OK, I wasn’t sure. It just isn’t running the schedule and I thought that might be a good place to start looking.

I’m having a similar issue. I have a very complex bell schedule that is scheduled “per room”. We are using Algo speakers. They work great for paging, and usually for the bells. However, sometimes the bells simply fail to work. For example, I have a bell scheduled at 8:50 on 6 separate Paging Pro groups. 5 of them will work and the 6th won’t. I can’t see any rhyme or reason. 5 of them will show-up in the CDR, but that 6th won’t. Very strange. Any ideas?

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