Odd voicemail issue

I setup a PBX recently and everything was functioning fine up until Monday. Someone in the office I have it set up at had called someone voice mail and left the phone off the hook over the weekend, sadly I did not have “maxsec” set at the time and came in Monday to weird issues and a 3.7GB voicemail file. I ended up having to restart asterisk to clear the call out. But now when certain lines dial *97 it prompts “Comedian mail” like dialing *98 and instead of prompting “Password”. I am not seeing a settings change other than setting maxsec to 300. I did notice voicemail.conf was truncated and wend in and re-enabled a bunch of the voice mail accounts to refill the config file.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Did you apply config after the manual edits?

fwconsole r

yes I did, I even got the point last night of just rebooting the whole PBX server just in case there was some process that hung up when I restarted asterisk on Monday. I also went in at disabled/enabled all the mailboxes to force freepbx to rewrite the config from its end as well.

It is acting almost as if the mailboxes are being logged in for the first time every time they log into voicemail (some clarification)

Your VM pins match the extension number. Change em.

ah ok makes sense now