Odd ring noise between IVR and Ring Group announcement

Hi there. Running FreePBX distro.
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.4-1801-3.sng7
Asterisk Version: 13.18.4
Running on Dell server (no VM) with Voip service via Sangoma SBC.

I’ve never had this issue before… noticed it recently. Last upgraded this server a month ago or so.

When calling into the IVR, pressing 2 and getting the Support Ring Group (with an announcement audio file), the caller gets a short blip of “ringing” sound. So shortly after they press 2, they get a ring, then the announcement, then the expected ringing (hold music for the ring group is “Ring”. I’ve always noticed a 2-3 second lag after pressing 2, but never an abrupt ring noise followed by the announcement.

Thought I’d check if anyone knew the answer to this, before I go make a support ticket.

Without logs, it’s going to be hard for anyone to guess what the issue is. In spite of that, this sounds like a support ticket thing to me anyway, if only to get the pros on it.

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