Odd ring group behavior in queues

Has anyone noticed this behavior with pbxiaf 1.3 and latest freepbx version?

I have a queue:
All extensions do not have voicemail.
Unlimited agent timeouts, retry time of 10 seconds, wrap up of 0 seconds, ringall, max wait time unlimited, max callers 0, join empty yes, leave empty no, skip busy agents no.

and in this queue I put a ring group consisting of two local extensions in memory hunt. Ring time for memory hunt is 30 seconds, failover is hangup. Calls to this queue configuration work as expected.

I then add to this queue a static agent which is simply a local extension. Now calls do not act as expected. For example, the first extension in the ring group will be on the phone with a call into the queue. Then another call comes into the queue and rings the second extension in the ring group along with the lone extension. This is ok. But now the first extension in the ring group hangs up. Her phone will never ring for this new call that came in. It is as if the retry does not work. This did not occur when I used only the ring group in the queue.

any ideas why the addition of an extension to a queue with a ring group would act like this and how I could configure it?

Having the same problem. using latest 2.5 and asterisk 1.4.22

Retry = 5sec
Skip Busy agents = No
Wrap up = 0sec
Strategy = Ringall

Extension has call witing enabled. When this extension is occupied and a call comes to the queue other agent in the queue ring, but when the occupied extension hangs up it should ring after 5 sec but it doesn’t, it seems like the retry doesn’t work.

Wrong settings or a bug?

Than you.