Odd problem with OTHER people's IVRs

I’ve got a rather weird problem. I am using inband DTMF, through a PAP2T-NA, and also through a grandstream gxw4004. When I place outgoing calls to some IVRs (e.g. Bank of America), I can connect, and enter keys, but when the IVR hands off to another extension (I believe), I get a loud tone that never ends, and I can’t continue the call. Anyone have any ideas?



Check your PAP2T-NA setup against this page:

How to set up a Linksys PAP2 or Sipura SPA-2000 for use with FreePBX

I’ve actually never heard of the “loud tone that never ends” before, so wonder if you might have a defective unit or a bad firmware load or something, but I’d check your settings first.

wiseoldowl: I had used that site to initially configure the PAP2, and I am having the same problem with my gxw4004, so I don’t believe the problem is related to the actual config… although it might be related to the fact that I am using inband dtmf for everything?

I used inband, because that seemed to be the only reliable way to use external IVRs. Maybe I should make a few more attempts to use one of the other modes…

Well I will just add this - we’ve also had problems with DTMF in some cases and have found that inband is USUALLY more reliable, but not always. I recall reading somewhere that there was a bug in certain versions of Asterisk that affected the transmission of touch tones, but many of the current distributions don’t have any easy path to upgrade Asterisk as they should. You could TRY upgrading Asterisk but be sure to make a backup first because lately people seem to be having problems with upgrades.