Odd port number on remote extensions

howdy all,

Some remote extensions are using very high port number and I am not sure why. Some background…

I am running a hosted FreePBX and have a handful of remote extensions in different locations. At one location, I have three remote extensions behind the same firewall. I defined the ports on each extension to be unique but sequential (for example one extension is 5060, the next extension is 5061, and the last one is 5062). I defined those ports in the FreePBX extension GUI and on the phone configuration (I am using Cisco SPA508G phones).

I also defined NAT=yes in the extensions and enabled virtual server on the router of the remote location to direct each port to each unique local IP address. Also have NAT Mapping Enable and NAT Keep Alive Enable set to yes and using a STUN server for good measure.

Phew, that was a mouthful!

The problem is that I am getting failed registrations on the 2nd and 3rd extensions when I try to connect all three phones at the same time. One thing I noticed is when I look at SIP Info on the FreePBX box, the port numbers of the 2nd and 3rd extensions are funky. They are both 57985, not 5061 or 5062 as I had defined them to be.

Any idea why those port numbers are what they are and how I can get these remote extensions going?

just noticed the port numbers are dancing around. now 49152. still trying to sort this out if anyone has any ideas?