Odd Issue Over Softphone and VPN

So I have been using FreePBX religiously (Thanks Community). Now I have been trying to use it on my mobile with Zoiper. On wi-fi (local) no issues calling out or receiving calls. When I connect with VPN people can call my on cellular zoiper no problem but when I dial out I get a Packet Timeout and 1-way audio. I’m a bit lost just seeing if any had ran into this or have a suggest. Thanks so much regardless!

I would guess is that the VPN subnet is not listed under Local Networks in Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings.

I verified that and reboot. It’s odd when someone calls me it is no problem. Anyway to check via terminal of firewall settings taking place?

Try setting the NAT parameter for the extension to yes. Even though you are on a VPN, it is sometimes needed because the softphone doesn’t work without it. I remember that being the case with csipsimple and Bria.

Its in my local network but maybe it needs to be in my Responsive Firewall for Chan_sip or PJ_sip? Also tried the NAT parameter on extension and set to automatic no luck either

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