Odd inbound issue, calls stop working after one dial in

We have two companies we run out of the same office. I originally set up our PBX to just handle one of the companies but have since decided to use it for both. So I ordered a DID for the other company and set it up to where when you dial in it hits an extension. I can dial in and I see the call connect and all is well. So now I tried calling in again, and nothing… I dont see the call even hit the system… Its like its not leaving the provider. I can make it work again by deleting and rebuilding the trunk but that seems like the only way to make it work.

I built another FreePBX virtual box to see if it was the provider and its not as I can get calls in on that box no issue through the DID and settings in question. Its been up and working for 12hrs and works every time. I would actually leave it like this but my server is at a different location than my office phones and It would be an utter pain in the butt to poke more holes in my firewall and play with different ports to make this work.

Anyone ever see this before? Could it be something in the NAT or on the network side? I’m kind of lost on this… Or if someone knows a decent work around that I may have not thought of yet…

Thanks folks!!

Sounds strange, but if it isn’t hitting the PBX, the problem has got to be in the network or your provider.

You can choose, but pick a direction and work your way back the other way. For example, start with your provider and ask them what they are seeing in their logs. Then work your way to your gateway router/firewall, and then work your way in from there.

On the local end, make sure you have all of the possible SIP Helpers turned off. Also, make sure your router isn’t doing something crazy with (for example) a DNS setting or other port settings.

is the second number on the same account as the first at the provider? Did you setup a separate trunk? A second trunk could easily, but not always, cause problems with registration. Are you using registration or IP auth?

You need to provide a lot more detail if you want someone to solve this.

I guess where I’m confused is I created a whole new Freepbx server and setup the new DID and verified it works incoming every time with no issues. It is setup very bare bones, basically the trunk an inbound route and an extension for it to hit. And if I take that same configuration and of the trunk, inbound route, ext, and move it to the operational PBX it rings in one time and stops seeing the call for anything afterwards, but only on that one DID.

Since its working correctly on the test box it seems unlikely that it would be a network issue as the problem would just follow. I also didn’t setup anything special on the test box, no forwarding or anything related.

The second DID is setup as a sub account from VOIP.ms, still on the same billing and provider. I’m using authorization but I did go into the FreePBX firewall and add the IP as trusted just as a precaution.

I’m a network engineer by trade but I work in the optical transport field so I dont work with PBX’s on any regular basis other than lab stuff. So please, if I don’t give enough information or say something that may not make sense understand I’m not a pro by any stretch lol.

Thank you for the replies and helping!!

Put the second number on a different pop. Update your second trunk. I bet your issues go away.

Is the trunk using registration? It sounds like you have more than one system registering to the provider.

I’ve tried changing it from the New York server to Chicago with no change…

I’ve made sure I’m only registering it on one at a time for testing, I’ve gone as far as powering down the other server to make sure its not conflicting.

So, now its kinda fixed… I was originally using PJSIP, I just rebuilt it using plain SIP and now its working.

I was looking at the Asterisk info and I noticed under PJSIP some of the registration information for the sub account was also being merged in with the primary account. If I deleted the trunk the information would go away but as soon as I rebuilt it-it came right back. Very odd… I’m not sure what would be causing this to happen, nor am I even sure this was the issue since I switched it to a different protocol.

Thank for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it!!

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