Odd Behavior With Google Voice Incoming calls

When looking at the admin screen I call my google voice number and I can see total active calls go to 1. My call rings 5 times and then I hear a click and my google voice mail picks up.

If I hang up and redial I see all the same things, and after 3 rings the IVR picks up.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I too have this issue and looking for the resolution. As I have investigated, I found that this strange behavior is common with freePBX and GoogleVoice. I heard that this could be the issue with the call screening option of the freePBX. I will be going to try this. If anyone has success with it, then kindly post your findings and solution.

Did you ever figure this out? I thought about getting a trunk and DID from sipstation so i wouldnt have to worry about this issue. But, not sure if there is a android app that I could use for that DID. That is really the only reason I am for now staying with google voice.

I pretty much Gave up on trying to integrate GV… mainly because once it works… It’s surely to break months down the road.

There are so Many CHEAP voip providers out there, Vitelity, Voip.ms and Gafachi are great. For my home office use i spend about $5 a month including CID dips. Can’t really beat it.

Sip station is good for nearly 0 effort config, and alot of home/office voip traffic. And i think it helps the project a bit.