Odbc and mysql support

I’m looking at updating the dynamic routing module, which currently relies on asterisk add on Mysql command, so that it can also handle odbc.

The reasons are:

  1. asterisk mysql add on is tagged as deprecated in favour of func_odbc
  2. asterisk mysql add on does not support SSL so connections to remote hosts cannot encrypted (without setting up a ssl tunnel outside mysql, e.g. stunnel)

In order to support odbc I will need to make some modifications to the dynamic route module so that it can reference an odbc section in func_odbc.conf which in turn references a dsn in res_odbc, as well as setting up the obdcinst.ini and odbc.ini.

I am assuming that obdcinst.ini and odbc.ini should be configured outside freepbx.

Would it make sense to make a new asterisk module that can configure res_odbc.conf and func_odbc.conf? Or should I just make dynroute module also update those files.

I would make a new module for that and I know their has been some talks and maybe a little work on this and we plan on getting it done for FreePXB 2.11 as we need it for the new CEL logging we are doing.

I noticed that there is a third party module for odbc administration. However, apart from the fact it does not install due to an extraneous file in the tarball, the real problem I see is that it checks for hardcoded versions of libraries.

I think some work would be needed to make it generally useful. But it may be a good starting point.

Was anything further done for managing odbc configuration for CEL logging (see comment above).