Occasional sip registration failures which don't resolve themselves


99% of the time our FREEPBX system works without and problems, however on the very odd occasion my sip registration fails, as indicated in the FREEPBX GUI

I have spoken to my provider, who has acknowledged they sometimes have problems at their end, ie overloaded servers.

This is a fair comment, but why doesn’t FREEPBX continue to keep checking and eventually reregister. Normally we don’t recognise there is a problem until we see a spell of low inbound calls…

The fix is always the same, a “sip reload”.

Since our system has been very stable, i feel other users must be experiencing similar problems ??

Does anyone know the mechanics behind the sip registration process, and can suggest possible as of resolving ??

I seem to remember seeing a thread somewhere which suggested a solution to a similar problem was to create a CRON job, which monitors sip registration and issues a sip reload to asterisk in the event of failure. Can anyone help with the creation of such a script ??.

Any other pointers or suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

For starters you want to make sure that regsterattempts is set to 0 otherwise it will stop trying afterwards.

Beyond that, I have unfortunately witnessed this across many asterisk versions for years. I haven’t seen anyone come up with the conclusive formula, if it’s somehow related to ‘qualify’ settings (which also sometimes takes a trunk out and doesn’t bring it back when available like it should), or some inherent bug in Asterisk that has not been resolved.

I will be very interested to see if someone has a root cause (for both) or can point to a root bug in Asterisk that has or has not been fixed.

What I can tell you is that you are not alone, I know as a fact that this happens on lots and lots of systems, and that those systems do have registerattempts=0 set.

Anxiously waiting to hear back from someone who knows the root issue here also!