Obscure delay during dialparties.agi in Asterisk 1.6 - very strange

I’m running with an updated freepbx install, and even calling extension to extension causes a 5 ring delay (calling party waits ~5 rings before called party’s phone actually gets dialed.)

When I use custom dialplan to call Dial() directly, there is no delay.

http://pastie.org/438613 - this is an agi debug of a call from x303 to x302. Unfortunately, the delays don’t show in the trace but the first one ends with line 417, where the manager connection logs off.

Has anyone seen this and/or found a fix or workaround?


I remember seeing something about this in the last two weeks. It is a bug that was introduced in the asterisk 1.6 code and a Bug report has been submitted to the asterisk developers about it.

Past that I don’t have any information currently.

Thanks fskrotzki - its a real shame. I was just getting excited about running 1.6.

Is there somewhere you would suggest I look for the details of the bug? Maybe some vague memory of what function in dialparties.agi that was kicking off the problem?

Sorry I can’t.

You do know that FreePBX currently does not take advantage of any new 1.6 functionality right? At the same time last time I checked (2 weeks ago) the FOP still didn’t work with 1.6 either.

There was actually a couple of reasons we switched from PBX in a Flash to Elastix after using the former for a short time, but one of the primary ones was that something like this often happened on extension-to-extension calls. We’ve never had that issue since switching to Elastix. However I had thought that PiaF was also running Asterisk 1.4, but I may be wrong about that.

One thing I would wonder is if it’s possible this might partially be a function of available system memory. Our box only has 512 Meg in it - don’t know if that would matter, but it’s a data point to consider.

This worked for me…