Obi200 & FXO Card GV Work Around FreePBX

Hi Everyone. I am hoping a solutions is created to restore GV Motif function to FreePBX. I appreciate all the hard work folks are doing to develop workarounds, but they are so complicated and I haven’t had much luck, so I did the following to restore my Travel Agency GV trunk.

I purchased an Obi200 and configured it for my GV line. I purchased an FXO PCI card from Amazon for about $60, I ran a jumper between the analog port on the Obi200 to the FXO card and configured a DAHDI TRUNK in FreePBX with in and outbound routes, and audio works in both directions again. I am hearing a half a second to second delay in audio, but I’ll take it over no outbound audio after GV removed XMPP.

I hope a new solution is created to restore native GV Motif function to FreePBX Distro, so I can use multiple GV trunks, but this is an easy workaround without having to rebuild the PBX.

I remember reading somewhere once, how you can setup OBI as a SIP Trunk and the device is using GV to process calls, that way you don’t need that analog card.

If anyone can test and document it…

Yes. I was a network systems analyst/network admin for 25 years, but couldn’t make that work reliably, nor do I have the patience to rebuild my PBX using Naf’s Wiki, so I just used an FXO card for a quick and easy way to restore outbound audio.

I did not say that it’s rather to use Naf’s version.

All I said if someone can find a way to use the OBI as a SIP Trunk to eliminate the analog connection/cable.

This would probably be the most legit way, since OBI is officially supported by GV.

Again, don’t get me wrong, it’s rather to have a reliable connection other than GV…

I think you misunderstood my reply. You can configure the Obi200 box to be a Sip Gateway for FreePBX and connect to it without the jumper cable, but after a few attempts to do so, I couldn’t make it work reliably, so I went the FXO route because it was much easier and all I wanted was GV to work again, and I didn’t want to rebuild my PBX either.

So if you’re using GV and you simply want to get it working again without all the hassle of rebuilding and reconfiguring an Obi, and FXO card is a simple solutions while we wait and see what’s going to happen with future releases of FreePBX

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