Obi110 inbound PSTN setup

I’m a big Newbie with regards to Freepbx…

I have setup an Obi110 to work with my Raspberry PI using Raspbx using the link to the OBi forum at the bottom of the
I chose the option without registration as I have a static IP address on the Obi110.

Outgoing calls work great, however incoming calls will not come through to my extensions using that setup, I get “End Call (404 Not Found)” showing in the Obi110’s call history.

I have resorted to putting sp1([email protected]:5060) in the inbound callroute of the Obi110. in order to send call directly to the ring group however that does not pass on the caller id although I have ticked “X_SpoofCallerID” in the Obi110 settings.

How can I pass calls through to the Asterisk from the Obi110 showing CLI?