Obi110 as ATA: Secure against Obi-to-Obi Calling?

I followed this Wiki page to configure my Obi110 as an ATA for FreePBX:

That page doesn’t appear to secure against people coming in on the Obi-to-Obi number. I believe someone came in through this a couple of times last night to my FreePBX to sniff around. They didn’t come in over my DID, and the Obi-to-Obi number is the only way I can imagine they could have come in.

Can someone add instructions to close down the Obi-to-Obi calling method to the above Wiki page, plus detail them here?

Voice Services -> OBiTALK Service -> Enable (unchecked).

However, IMO that’s a very unlikely attack vector. Do your CDRs show calls from the OBi’s extension?

Yes. From the OBI’s extension, and not from my one and only DID or any other extensions. I already mostly concluded that turning off ObiTalk was the correct thing to do and did so + rebooted the device this morning. I don’t have edit privileges on the Wiki near as I can tell, so can’t add that info to the page.

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