NVFaxdetect - Newman Telecom

Does Newman Telecom still exist?

I am trying to use NVFaxdetect and not sure I have the latest version.

The real problem is reliable fax detection on Asterisk over a pots line.

Is there a better way to reliably detect faxes on a line that is also used for voice.

As is I am able to detect 1 out of 4 times at best and sometimes when it does detect a fax it just hangs up.

The FreePBX version is 2.7 and I am using the fax detection gizmo on inbound routes.


I am trying to send the faxes to a fax machine on an FXS port on a digium aex800p card.

[email protected]:~# asterisk -rx ‘core show applications’ | grep -i fax
NVBackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk and fax detect (IAX and SIP too)
NVFaxDetect: Detects fax sounds on all channel types (IAX and SIP too)

The FAX detection comes in asterisk 1.6.2. What you do with the FAX calls is the better question. Do you have SpanDSP installed?

asterisk -rx ‘core show applications’ | grep -i fax