Nursing Home - Emergency Pull Chord Phone?

Has anyone found a reliable pull chord phone that could be used in a nursing home setting? Either SIP or Analog. I’ve found some options but they all tie to a proprietary system.


Call Viking for engineering support for the specific application you are looking at. I’m using a low-profile emergency phone, but the pull-string phones can work as well. Do not get the one with a dialer - you just want one that goes off-hook and connects to the line.

The setup is a little hairy, but I have a good setup for this.

Step 1 - install DAHDI ports, one per phone.
Step 2 - Set all of the DAHDI phones up as Immediate answer phones and have them connect to a custom context that announces “You are being connected to a technician” and then dial your Med Tech station.
Step 3 - Install the phones.

You may need to do some creative work in the -custom file to get the phone’s caller ID to work right, but other than that, it works reliably every time.


Thanks for the info. Viking directed me to a few different vendors that might supply a pull chord phone. I’m finding most of the pull chord phones are connected to a dedicated nursing system. I’m hoping to find pull chord phones that are independent either SIP or analog devices.

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