Number restricted

Hi All.

I’m trying to dial this number out.
Believe it’s toll free in South Africa.
I can dial local and internationally through FreePBX.
I keep getting the number is restricted dialogue.
Very frustrated. Please help.

See attached Outbound Routes dial patterns.

The number might be restricted by your service provider. Are you able to dial this number from any other phone / service provider, say mobile ?

Yeah. I can dial it from my mobile.
Same ISP.

Ok… can you capture the logs when you try to make call and you get the message and provide the logs for analysis.

Sorry, I’m not very technical.
I have wireshark but I’m unable to obtain any info during the call.
Would you be so kind as to advise me further…?
Thank you kindly.

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do you dial the number exactly as you have written it from your cell phone? when you say “same isp” does that mean you are using a softphone on your cell phone to cal with?
i would say to check with your provider and ask them what they want passed to them when you dial this toll free number.

I dial as it’s written.
Our ISP is the same as my mobile ISP, and the number is a toll free number to the same ISP’s service centre.
I have tried other toll free numbers and have had the same issue today.

You can take logs from FreePBX GUI. First make a test call to above number and any other toll free number which is working, then navigate to Asterisk -> logfiles and take logs for FULL.
Scroll down to bottom and take current date logs.

This is what I see here, that may be relevant…?

Does it mean anything?

This does not help much as it does not cover any of the call information.
Please do this:

  • make a note of time and then make a test call
  • go to above logfile option
  • copy all the logs from the time test call was made till end
  • paste the logs in a word pad, save it and attach it here

In the above image…
I made the call twice at 9:14 approx.
You can see the no. : 0871151374

Will do the same again but paste in word pad as instructed.


Ya… i can see that the call was initiated, but it does not cover full logs like whether call had taken outbound route and if there was any error etc. Hence full logs, starting point till end point, is required.