Number range and CID outgoing [SOLVED]

(Claudio Pelosi) #1

I have a span of 100 numbers on a trunk
The problem is that I can’t get out with the number I want
The operator providing the trunk confirms that he has made the numbers available for outbound use…
Is there a guide to setting freepbx to use a range of numbers correctly?
Especially the trunk registration strings and the various freepbx settings?

(Greg Kujawa) #2

“Get out” refers to outbound routes. Where you have define regex-type values and point them at specific trunks and whatnot -->

In terms of outbound CID, this is the caller ID that appears to the other party you are calling. This can be defined at the extension level, at the higher route or trunk level, etc. -->,to%20set%20outgoing%20caller%20ID.

(Claudio Pelosi) #3

He was the provider, the trunk was misconfigured …
I was going crazy for nothing …

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