Number of routes using trunk annoyance

Everything is working fine in my FreePBX but one thing has been bugging me. When I go to the trunk page and then select a trunk that I have configured in multiple routes the information area at the top of the page that says:

In Use By 1 Route

Even though it may be in many 5 routes. Sometimes it gets as high as the number two but never displays the number correctly. Hovering over the information also just displays one or two routes for a trunk.

Is this a bug or just something messed up in the database? Like I said before the PBX is routing just fine and just this bit of information doesn’t seem to be updated right or displayed right.


Funny how a bug like that can go un-noticed in the code for years, and then in the course of 1 day, two people can notice it and bring it to attention:)

See #3744, I just filed the ticket yesterday and then checked in some fixes. It will be published shortly the core module. The error is purely cosmetic so there is no harm done waiting until I get it published which I hope to do in the next few days.

Yes its a strange world of coincidence out there. I have the same problems at work with other software products. Bug will be there in 3 releases but nobody notices…bug still there in the 4th release everyone notices and doesn’t except the explanation that its harmless :slight_smile: