Nubie Question: Editing Network Configuration File When Locked Out?

Hello! I think that I accidentally messed up my network settings for my Freepbx server, but I can’t figure out how to edit the configuration files now. Because the system is looking for a network, it just keeps repeating:

[ OK ] Stopped LSB: Bring up/down networking.
Starting LSB: Bring up/down networking…

I am using an FTDI Console Cable to attempt to connect to my appliance through the Com port. It looks like my problem is that I set the network interface to “DHCP” instead of “none” while troubleshooting. Now it gets hung up on the LSB lines above so I can’t log in to root in order to fix the file like described at

Is there some other way to edit this file? Do I have to physically remove the hard drive from the appliance and connect it up to my laptop? Because it doesn’t have an IP address, I can’t use Putty for SSH (I believe). Please let me know if there is something else I can do.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I know nothing about the appliance, but assuming that it’s a normal CentOS system, you should be able to boot into rescue or emergency mode and edit the file. See

If no luck, you should be able to boot from a ‘live’ USB thumb drive, even one for a different Linux distribution, mount the FreePBX filesystem and edit the file.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try right now.

If it’s an old box, it may be running CentOS 6 or older – a search will show how to get to rescue mode or single user mode.

It is a “Sangoma Phone System 300 Appliance” that has been discontinued. I bought it 4 years ago or so. I’ll double check the operating system and will do a search for rescue or emergency mode. That’s the part I didn’t know was possible. Thanks again!

Thank you for your help. I was able to access the file and keep it from hanging up. However, it’s still not getting a network connection by asking it to use dhcp, none or static (with the ip address info inputted).

At this point, I’m thinking I should just start with a fresh install. I would like to access my recordings and such, but don’t know how I can do that if the device doesn’t have an IP address. If you have any advice on how I can extract that info from my hard drive before doing a clean install I would appreciate it.

Thanks again!

Please post the output of
ifconfig -a
and the contents of

Stewart - I rebooted my router and it now works again. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help, so am very grateful. Thanks! Charles

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