Now what should I do?

Hello everybody.
Newbie here!
I’m using AsteriskNOW and its and AMAZING system.
Well, not properly using it, yet…

So, I follow the instructions on Asterisk website and my system is up and running.
My question is:
Now what? What should I do? How can I test the system?

I have a Digium VB0408PCI
AsteriskNOW 1.7.0

I can access the system via browser.
When I go Basic >> DAHDI
I got this:

Digital Hardware

Span Alarms Framing/Coding Channels Used/Total Signalling Action
Analog Hardware

Type Ports Action
FXO Ports –
FXS Ports –

I guess the hardware is not installed. Is that right?

Ok, enough for now.
THANK YOU GUYS for any kind of help.