Notepad feature in Dashboard - V14?

I’m starting to work more with V15 and see the notepad feature which is awesome. Is there a way to bring this to my V14 systems?

I don’t have an answer to that but rather, why not upgrade your v14 systems to 15?

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Major version upgrades always give me a bit of heartburn. My last two upgrades included a complete failure and loss of apache. With the help of some great people on the forum we got apache back but the lost system prior was quite the event.

the upgrade process will be much smoother now with the ability to restore an older version to the current platform

take that backup and test the restore before putting it into production

anyway im glad you like the feature , i like it as well :slight_smile:

Isn’t the in-place upgrade module still available?

I used it last year and it was a smooth process.

14 to 15 upgrade in place is still an option and works well. Problems in upgrading from 13 are not common, but definitely happen on occasion due to the upgrade of the OS component.

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Interesting. Is there a simple V14 to V15 upgrade in place command to make this happen or is it like the V13-V14 script previously run?

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