Not working using dedicated ip or on VPS

Hello sir
i install pbx on public IP address but when i try to connect the goip router with it it says “All circuits are busy now Please try your call again later”, but when i try to setup on LAN IPs then it work perfect.

please let me know about it.
i also try to add dedicated IP VPN to my goip router but it still fail.

please let me know the secret about it


We don’t know what GoIP is or what type of software you are running.

You need to provide more information.

Also, please do not double post. I have deleted your second post.

its voip router

any help regarding it?? i’m gona mad :frowning: i’m searching about it from several days but still same situation :frowning:

Emoticon’s aren’t going to get you help. Clearly explaining what software you are running (OS, Asterisk and FreePBX versions. If installed from a distribution tell us which one)and how you have configured Asterisk and FreePBX.

I am not familiar with anyone running that particular gateway. It’s SIP so you should be able to create a trunk.

Have you read the getting started guide in our wiki (assuming you are even running FreePBX).

i open some ports in VPN IP and it work but now i can’t hear the voice, voice is working on one side…

i think problem is about ports, is it possible that it work with dynamic IP as ISP provides? please let me know any help link to setup according to use dynamic ip on router…
and also i want to know that is there any help to control trunk router separate ports settings for RTP.

You need to answer my questions about your configuration and we can continue.

i installed elastix 2.40 with Asterisk and FreePBX + A2billing

here are installed version.
freePBX 2.8.1 16
asterisk 0
asterisk-perl 0.10 2
asterisk-addons 0

i am configuring like this.

Trunk: GoIP1

host=–VPN IP address–

U: goip_1

Elastix is not standard FreePBX. They have their own support forums.

If you want support from this community suggest you install genuine FreePBX.

Also the a2billing adds another layer of complication. Do you really need a full billing package for a few GSM lines?

yes i need… please help me out that what should i do?