Not work button 'Save' (GUI on russian language)

Hi, the save button does not work on the editing form extension. This problem is if the Russian interface language is selected. It works in English. The problem appeared after the update on FreePBX

There is an issue on the issue tracker that is tracking this.

Ok, I hope the problem will be solved soon. I noticed that in other languages the button works.

Watch this ticket

Do I understand correctly that while the solution is to use the English interface? I would like to know the problem corrected in the next patch? Earlier I could edit the extensions on the Russian interface, and now it does not work.

The problem is this.

There is javascript like this

var foo = '<?php echo _('bar')?>';

In the Russian someone translated bar to “ba’r”

This now makes the javascript do this

var foo = 'ba'r';

Thus javascript is broken.

Where to find and how to fix this JS?

I can’t answer that question until someone looks at the code.

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