Not update name of the outbound route with its renaming


I commented on the issues.freepbx board that I was having a issue that to me seemed related to issue 5748. I just received an email explaining that my input/issue was a duplicate and that the issue was 5748 resolved. I thought that my current issue was related to this and did not realize that 5746 had been resolved.

Perhaps one of you has experienced these problems and resolved them?

My problem:
I have several call routes and in custom context after deleting one it still appears as available, but just the little dot for the mouse over is there which says, " choose allow to allow access to this include, choose deny to deny access." There is no route name shown.

Also, the custom context shows the wrong name for the internal dial plan. It shows the name of a different one.

I have images, but do not know how to attach them to this message.

Thank you for any replies.