Not seeing Active Directory as an auth option in User Manager

On Ubuntu 14.04.4 with FreePBX 13.0.123, I do not have an option to choose Microsoft Active Directory as an authentication method in User Manager > Settings > Authentication Settings. I do have options to use Asterisk voicemail and FreePBX Internal Directory. I also verified that the Msad.php file does exist in the module’s folder. Any ideas why this would be?

You do not have the PHP LDAP extension installed on your system

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Thanks Andrew, I figured it was something simple. Would be nice to see that documented in the wiki page for User Manager authentication via AD:

Ah, thanks for the insight!
After I installed “php-ldap” (yum install php-ldap, then restart httpd daemon), Microsoft Active Directory setting became available on User Management panel. :wink:

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Our documentation is all around FreePBX Distro and we include all those needed packages. If you don’t own build you need to work through all the things FreePBX needs and we don’t document this well as our focus is around FreePBX Distro.