Not receiving email of voicemail

Hello, anyone, recently my voicemails have stopped getting emailed to me.
Does anyone know why this would happen or is it a bug?

There could be a billion reasons. You need to take the time to do some testing and see what is going on with the system. Recall if you had made any changes, updates, etc. Are they getting blocked by spam filters?

Your question is overly broad and may not even have anything to do with FreePBX/Asterisk.

I am using Linux Ubuntu so it is not likely that I am getting blocked by spam filters because I do not have any.
I am using Elastix and in my free pbx tab, I am seeing web server error, ssh server warning and op panel warning
Everything works fine except I do not receive the emailed voicemail.
I am getting voicemails just no emailed voicemail.
I was receiving them in the past just not anymore and I have not changed any email settings or voicemail settings including my email address.
Is there anyway to find out the propblem?