Not Passing CID to outbound calling

Hi all.

I’m trying to make my outbound callerID to show in this format. “MyCallerID”

I have tried many different variety of setup including defining the callerid in the trunk, outbound routes and the only one seems to be working is when I define the callerid at the outbound routes with override extension checked.

However it still only pass the 2065551212 numbers only but not the “MyCallerID” text. Any advise on how I can get this thing going? I’m very puzzled right now. Please advise?

My Phone (Info Scrubbed): 2065551212
Destination Dial: 2065551234
Asterisk 11
OS: Centos 6.4 64Bit

That all depends on whether your carrier supports the number you wish to use in your CallerID, you will need to check with them as to what is acceptable.

Thanks dicko… I checked with people and they said yes. They support passing the callerid if I subscribed to their premium account which is what I have.

Here is the feedback I got from support. I’m not sure why it’s done this way. Make no logical sense. So, in order for me to pass the txt to the callerID receiver, I need to set the txt in my ATA or sip softphone. the callerid number can be set in the trunk or extension. However for some reason I can only do the callerid setup from the outbound routes but not the trunk. Can anyone comment on this please? Many thanks.

In the US no carrier accepts the Caller ID Name. They always do their own lookup in their own Databases that they subscribe. So you can send the Name all day long but nobody will honor it on the terminating side.

Thanks Tonyclewis. Good to know. Except for this one, it’s a Canadian number that I’m trying to setup even though the server I use for termination is the one in the Seattle. Is it still the same case then?

In Canada outgoing CNAM may or may not be delivered to the called party. You will know if is receiving your CID/CNAM as intended if the proper values are shown in the second column of the CDR ( If the CDR shows the correct values, that is the best you can do. Don’t expect it to be delivered reliably.

Thanks lgaetz. They told me if we signed up for their premium line, the delivery of CID/CNAM number is guaranteed. The only problem is for some reason even though their CDR shown that the callerid got passed to the phone, for some reason my other US phone still show them either just the number or using their own weird CallerID. Not my CallerID.

Yes if you are calling a US number as stated the Caller ID Name will not be honored that you passed.

Good to know. Thanks Tonyclewis and everyone else. You guys open up so much knowledge for me. :slight_smile: