Not logging

Hello, I have just installed FreePBX and almoust all modules (not the games module because I cant seem to get to download this some error, but I dont care for this module anyway). My problem is that there is no information in the report section, showing no calls. Even though I have serverals operating telefons calling in and out of my system.
The Panel seems also to not be working, but its running… I am pretty new at asterisk and pbx so I might have missed somthing abvious… ?

One more thing, it seems to be a problem also with the text, for instance when I update modules the text is over the modules so I cant really see where to point the mouse, but with som time I get it right… Hard to explain, but here is a screen shoot

Try using Firefox web browser if you are not using that already. IE in the past would have these types of issues.


you rlink does not work (for me). However, I’m assuming your problem with the text is using Internet Explorer, particularly older versions like 6.0. There are issues with IE and no one has stepped up to the plate yet to help out with them. Load Firefox, and make sure to do a CTL-SHIFT-REFRESH to make sure you get all the style sheet updates (in case you were running an older version of FreePBX).

As far as MySQL, sounds like you may not have included asterisk_addons to your underlying installation, which will keep any sql CDR records from getting logged.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. How do I include asterisk_addons now?
Im verry new at this, and it was a nightmare for me to install this the first time… :slight_smile:

I figured out it was IE to.