Not getting voicemail notification

I have one extension where voicemail will not show up on the phone. They get the email to voicemail but randomly won’t show up on the phone. Is there a setting I might be missing?

I’d start with looking at the specifics of the phone and checking the hints that the system is maintaining. My first blush at an explanation is that the hint isn’t getting picked up by the phone.

it happens at random but we are having more and more of these issues. How do you troubleshoot this?

A lot depends on which phone and how the notification is set up. I’m no expert, but it seems to me there are two ways now. The first is to tell the phone to watch the hint (which it should do automatically) and the other is for the phone to wait for an event notification and react to that (which required Asterisk to push the notification).

I’d start with the /var/log/asterisk/full log and see what’s happening there. Next, I’d look in the asterisk CLI for a DEBUG command that allows you to watch hint processing. I’m not sure which one that would be, but I’m sure there’s something in there that allows that level of scrutiny.

Finally, double check the phone config and make sure that the options in the phone are set up in a way that makes sense in this environment. With the BLF light being handled “special” in most phones, the fact that it isn’t reacting to the hint update is at least one part of the problem.

Is the extension using PJSIP and is the extension -> advanced -> MWI Subscription Type set to auto? If All the above are true then try setting to unsolicited and retest.

seemed to have fixed the issue. Thank you. Worked fine with Chansip. only PJsip has this issue.

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