Not enough space for all my Trunks

Hey there.

In the Panel that comes with FreePBX which show all of the extensions, trunks, etc. for the system, it doesn’t have enough room in the Trunks section to show all 23 (technically 24, but who’s counting that D-channel, huh?) trunks using my PRI card. Is there some way to clean this little area up to show the right stuff or am I stuck with it showing only some of my PRI b-channels?


you need to customize the FOP / panel. This has been covered on the forums. search for those referances.

I have tweaked out our setup to have 59 extensions, 29 trunks, 19 conferances, and 9 parking spots.

To do this you need to read the docs provided in the /var/www/html/panel, edit the op_buttons.cfg, op_style.cfg and possibly op_server.cfg, and also change some settings in the /var/lib/asterisk/bin/

Hi Undrhil,
You need to make the changes in the layout of the FOP.
To do so please checkout details in the post Remastering FOP at