Not enough memory installation error

I am trying to install the following distro:


to a Dell OptiPlex 720 with 4GB RAM, 120GB solid state HDD, and AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2.10GHz.

When I select the version to install, it starts, but then fails with the message, “Not enough memory to load selected image.”

Then it reboots back to the main installation menu.

Any ideas on what is going wrong here?

By the way, I successfully installed this same distro to a Virtual Box machine 2 days ago, and it’s processing calls right now. The VBox that I set up only has 2GB RAM, and 10GB VHDD.

I’ve been looking into this and it appears to be a problem with Centos. A solution is to add the install time argument: mem=XX where XX is the amount of memory you have. In my case, XX is 4G, or 4294967296

But I see no way to add this install time argument. Any ideas?

As you boot your machine, the kernel will decide how much memory you actually have, maybe your memory is broken, maybe you are trying to do something “clever” but it is not FreePBX specific, it is kernel and hardware specific. Check with any number of “live” iso distributions.

I figured out how to inject the install time argument, and when I did, FreePBX installed fine.

At the bottom of the installation menu is a note that says, “Press [TAB] to edit options”

I had been ignoring that, thinking it just would cycle through the menu options. I was using the arrow keys to do that.

But inspiration hit me so I pressed the [TAB] key. When I did, it presented a command-line like text string, and it let me add something to the end. I added, “mem=4G” and pressed enter.

The installation started and completed with no further problems.