Not always receiving Incoming calls

What log file can help me determine why my pbx does not always receive an income call. The pbx works fine with out going calls and when incoming calls come in, it works great. I am using and I can see the trunk registered. Sometimes the pbx will take the call and it goes to voicemail. Sometimes I have to check the online voicemail account because my pbx did no take the call. I don’t know if it is a timeout issue or maybe my internet.

I am using FreePBX
My voip sip setting are as follows.


You’re listening on one address, they may be sending calls from multiple address. This would require either having multiple trunks to accommodate all the addresses they send calls from or, better yet, switching to chan_pjsip trunks and using the Match (Permit) field to note all the IPs they send calls from. You may also need to add them to the firewall.

You can prove this out with a packet capture if you can happen to capture one of the inbound calls that’s not making it to Asterisk.

Thanks for the reply. I posted the outgoing and not income settings. Here are my incoming settings
XXXXXX:[email protected]:5060.
With you have to pick a primary server on the website for the DID Point of Presence.

I think if you do a packet capture on your PBX you’ll probably see calls coming from multiple IPs and the ones coming in on IPs that don’t resolve to are ones your PBX is not answering.

If that’s not the case you’ll at least be able to confirm the calls are reaching the PBX and see what, if any response they are getting from Asterisk.

Your server should have ‘sngrep’ on it, which is easy to use for this purpose. Also recommend changing to chan_pjsip as chan_sip is going away eventually.

Good Luck! does not do that. They strictly route calls from the specified POPs. It is one of their limitations of their service versus others.

Exactly do this and filter to INVITE. It sits in front of the FreePBX firewall so do not be surprised to see all kinds of invalid stuff.

I see register, notify and options. I also see the following when i call it from another number. how do I find out the rejection

a [ ] 86 INVITE [email protected] [email protected]: 6 REJECTED

Why are some of them getting rejected

Run sngrep for more info

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