Not able to dial extentions

Hello All,

I am running FREEPBX version 2.7 and AVR version 2.7. I was not the one that setup the initial system so I am not sure how it was setup. I can tell you that I created an recording and when I dial the number it does go to my avr. The issue arrises when I try to press any of the options. No matter what option I press the AVR does not seem to respond. Further to this my message keeps getting cut off.

I have looked at the “how to” documents setup everything as they directed but it still does not work. I am not sure where the issue may be. As I am very green I don’t know if my inboud and outbound trunks setup properly to handle the AVR’s but I do know that I can call in so I assume that everything is working properly.

Any suggestions would be helpfull.


What are some of the options in your IVR if that’s the case?

Do you send them to extensions?
Do you send them to Ring groups?
Do you send them to Voicemail boxes?

Give me some specifics like what is the destination for option 1 and 2 and 3?

Tell me more and maybe I can help.