Not able to call between SIP extensions on the same FreePBX box

I ma very new to FreePBX. I have installed AsterixNOW and upgraded through the ModuleAdmin to version

I created two SIP extensions and I am using X-Lite softphones. The two softphones are regestring with the server successfully, but I amnot able to call each other.

Please do let me know setp by step details on how to create extensions and enable extension to extension calling.

Thank You

Hi ramjii

check wether these two extension registered with pbx by typing

mypbx#asterisk -vvvvr
asterick cli>sip show peers

after typing you should see these two extension registered with ok symbol and also it shows the ipaddress of the system in which the xlite is installed.

and in the same cli you cann see the call process. dial the other extension and watch the cli messages.

also read the trixbox without tears book

Thank, the sip registration was not happening due to a configuration mismatch.