Not able to activate Door opener

I need to dial ** in order to open a door, I desactivated the ** feature from Feature Code Admin, but still no tones are sent, any ideas?, in advance thank you for your help …

That’s not much information to go on, but try doing “#" where ever you’re doing "” now. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to need to provide more information about your setup.

Thank you for the answer, the setup is as follows:

Asterisk Ver.
Viking doorphone and door opener
connected to a Linksys SPA3102 trunk port,

The doorphone is working ok, can talk properly, but dialing ** doesn’t activate the door opener (buzzer), I did try **# that didn’t work

So got the freepbx up and a SPA942 running all on an internal lan. If I set the 942 to call without authorization, I can place calls. Of course I cannot receive call on the 942. Yes, the SPA has current sofware Os installed.

Has anyone got a working config that I can compare my work against?


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Where are you dialing the ** from? From a trunk inbound to the server or from an internal extension?

You may be better off attaching these devices to a Zap board in the server. Zap channels can be customized for duration of tone and even set the levels (amplitude) of the line.

The door opener map be very sensitive to how the DTMF is presented.