Not a huge issue but very annoying. Upgrade tool remains in module admin

I have one trixbox install that I have used the upgrade tool on. All upgraded fine. However, it still shows the upgrade tool as available not installed in the module admin.

I have applied the upgrade tool to 7 installs and this is the only one that shows the tool in the modules.

I don’t think it is affecting anything. Could it be that somthing did not get upgraded? Should I re-run the tool?



that is a bit odd, it should remove itself. You could try reinstalling it but if you upgraded, it should not let you. You can also just delete the directory from you system. You could also try:

/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin delete versionupgrade

although I’m not sure if that will work if it is uninstalled.

Tried to re-run the module and it gave errors saying it expected version xxx and I was using yyy. I will work on removing it manually. It does not seem to affect the overall system and new updates are applied as expected.

BTW, great job on the new release.