Nortel 2002 phones

(Tom Ray) #21

Again, we need to see an actual call to see what is happening. We’re discovering the problems as you are. Unistim was not something that was ever used a lot.

(Bill P) #22

I think I’ve managed to capture a call from 104 (unistim) to 761 (SIP softphone). Have a look at
I couldn’t figure out a way to use pastebin from the Asterisk CLI so I captured (I think) the call from the Asterisk log.
The softphone thinks the CLI the IP address of the FreePBX server.


(Bill P) #23

This one may be more useful:

That was from the Asterisk CLI. I captured a file and then sent it to pastebin.


(Tom Ray) #24

OK so this is going straight back to what I have said previously, FreePBX doesn’t have proper (or any) Unistim support. It presents itself in a way that none of the FreePBX dialplan is accounting for and as such, makes FreePBX think this is an external call/user. It’s not trying to lookup things as if this is a normal extension/user because it can’t associate it. On top of all that since FreePBX has zero Unistim support, it is not looking up certain channel specific settings and also isn’t applying anything to those channel specific settings.

So this might have been a fun little experiment to play with for the last week but the Colp Hard Fact ™ is that these phones are not viable and should be go straight in the bin.


/var/log/asterisk/full:[2021-04-23 16:14:28] VERBOSE[23296][C-00000016] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:2] Set("USTM/104@104-0xb43d0310", "AMPUSER=") in new stack

The underlying code sets AMPUSER from CALLERID(number) if AMPUSER is null. So, apparently neither was non-null.

Just guessing here, does extension 104 have the CID Num Alias option? If so, try setting that.

(Bill P) #26

Thank you for that - I tried adding 104 in the CID Num Alias but it did not fix it.
I had never heard of AMPUSER so I looked it up - it seems to be something that is created by FreePBX rather than Asterisk so I suspect that may be where the trouble lies. I’ll see if I can find a way of setting it.


(Bill P) #27

Thank you for those thoughts. I had thought, wrongly, that FreePBX was just a way of making Asterisk more user-friendly. I see that it is rather more than that and does not necessarily support everything that Asterisk does and does some things differently.
Yes, it has been a fun experiment (for me at any rate) and I have learned a lot about FreePBX/Asterisk in the process.
I take an active part in forums on other topics where my knowledge is good; it can be difficult to deal with people whose questions show misunderstandings. Thank you for your pateince.