Noob questions about LDAP workflow


I’m completely new to LDAP.
I’ve just read [1] but I would appreciate to better understand how to use both FreePBX and LDAP.

General questions:
Do LDAP directories commonly implement helpers functions that keep people from attributing an already allocated or incorrect resource ?

FreePBX/OpenLDAP connector refers to “User Extension Link Attribute”. Does this attribute exists in every Directory based on OpenLDAP is it needed to create it ?

FreePBX/Active Directory connector refers to “ipphone” attribute. Does this attribute exists in every Active Directory ?

Is it possible to interface FreePBX with 389-ds ?

Scenario 1: Adding a new user and its telephony resources
Can you really set everything within LDAP Directory and let it create extension (I saw “Create Missing Extensions” in FreePBX/LDAP connector settings) ?
If positive, what is the event that triggers extension creation ?
Is there a Sync button within FreePBX GUI that create this extension or is the extension created whenever the LDAP Directory is searched by FreePBX and the need for extension creation is detected ?

Scenario 2: Removing user and its telephony resources
Is it possible from FreePBX GUI to reset some LDAP attributes for some LDAP entries ?


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