Noob help :(

Hi All,
Well the subject says it all. I am a NOOB, and have been thrown in to the world after our Trixbox server died miserably. There are no backup files and the guy that took care of it is gone.

So I installed a new FreePBX distro on our backup machine, wading my way through the menus and options.

We use AASTRA phones (480 and the newer 673X). for connecting to the external world: TDM410P card : 3 FXO POTS lines.

DAHDI is working as I see it.

I bought the EPM (waiting to get the order through).

So here I am, with all the bits and pieces, and now I have to connect the dots.

Have read various on line resources, but some skip into subjects, and some are using (older) versions. I am not adverse to paid support to get this going, but do need to learn as well.

So that is my FreePBX landscape: what words of wisdom do you folks have for me … no quitting my job is not an option … :wink:

The menu looks different but the flow has not changed on extensions and routes etc. since the forked FreePBX you are used to using that was part of trixbox.

What is hanging you up?

Have you been to our wiki yet?

Hi SkykingOH,

Thanks for the reply. I have created extensions, and mapped them to the end points available (AASTRA 6739i and 480i). Ran into some issues (no reboot on command, and lost the AASTRA soft keys). The Digium TDM410S is recognized, but am confused on the ZAPTEL thing as I thought DAHDI replaces this ( just read I need to make ZAPTEL channel for my dial plans). Today I hope to work on the dial plan and IVR stuff.

As for the WIKI, ( yes have been going over this yesterday and last night: lots of cool stuff, but my absorption rate is not what it used to be … :wink:

So I will need to go over this again.

Also bought the EPM, but wonder how that takes precedent over the default endpoint manager. (I de-installed this right now)

So if you have some words of wisdom, and pointers to keep me from hanging up (yes, quite literally :slight_smile: that would be great.