Noob Help! First Asterisk / FreePBX setup

So more than anything i’d love a tutorial that can teach me the basics. I’m having a hard time just getting into this darn thing. I’ve been frequenting the asterisk pages for about 5 years and finally have a reason to setup a box of my own.

So I’ve installed the latest stable full build from FreePBX. I believe it is CentOS with Asterisk and FreePBX 2.10

I have a Cisco 7960 with a more recent version of SIP firmware installed. I think i found a tutorial on how to figure out what version I’ve got tomorrow. The only thing i know for sure is **# does not unlock my configuration settings.

I’ve got a Google Voice account & have setup the SIP gateway service from Bill Simon’s page.

My “plan” was simply learn how to make this little beast work with the google number. My next step is to add a 4ch GSM card & add IP phones for the main lines at my office. In addition i plan to use MOH and the feature i’m not quite sure what is called. Where you press 1 for English ect. It’s sole purpose is for comedy relief.


Using the button cleverly named search I’ve found lots of ‘stuff’. I’m coming to the conclusion i don’t know enough about how this system works to formulate direct questions about what i need to accomplish.

Also early in my search for information i keep running into tribox forums. I thought since they were different products they’d be totally different ‘answers’. However it’s starting to look like much of the information is interchangeable?

Trixbox has a lot in common with FreePBX (and others) as they’re based on the same open source. They are layers on top of the open source to make it more accessible and more functional.

Trixbox died a couple of years ago. While there are many things in common, as we move more and more into the future there is less and less in common. Many things listed for Trixbox will no longer work, or do not apply any longer. I would be VERY careful about using what you read about Trixbox on a FreePBX system so you don’t hose it.

Most of the beginning guides are great for getting an introduction into the terms used and basic connections. That will at least let you start asking questions since you’ll know where you’re stuck.

I don’t think anyone is going to sit down and give you lessons on the forum starting at the very beginning. You have to take those steps on your own. People here are great at helping those with issues, but do prefer you put some effort into finding a solution before you ask them for help.

Otherwise I would suggest that you hire someone to build your system and then if you want to play/learn with it from there that would work too.

After searching for hours i finally found some basic setup guides. That’s all i was after. It seems that the Asterisk and FreePBX system is so dynamic no guide really helps in a given setup.

It’s a bummer to hear tribox is out. I just switched my box to tribox expecting their wonderful guides to help get me some place. Funny i found the FreePBX guides from the tribox site.

I used to have a Trixbox. FreePBX is SOOOOO much better! I think you’ve made the right choice.