NooB: difference between "IP Trunks Online" and "IP Trunk Registrations"


experimenting with Asterisk/FreePBX for the first time.

I have 2x VoIP provider trial accounts, one for outgoing only and one for both outgoing/incoming calls.

I am trying to setup trunks to both using SIP to start with.

I think registration is OK to both (“sip show peers” shows 2 Unmonitorer peers, status online) and on the status page of freePBX it says 2 IP trunk registrations.

And I can deliberately make registration not work by entering the incorrect password or whatever.

However on the front page of FreePBX is says
IP trunks online 1
IP trunk registrations 2

What’s the difference, and why does the CLI show two unmonitored peers status online, whereas the frontpage of freepbx says 2 registrations/1 online?

Puzzled …

I haven’t tried actually setting up dialplans and calling in/out using either trunk yet. That comes tomorrow …