Noob biting off a big chunk

Here we go. Brand new to Asterisk. I’ve been doing phones for 29 years, in the carrier and proprietary PBX world. All my IP stuff has been SIP trunks and the aforementioned PBXs.

So here’s my scenario. My client is giving the boot to their existing IT guy and telling him to take his Asterisk machine with him. 53 phones already up and running, with a plan to go to 95ish. 12 analog trunks and a PRI. I’ve gotten the analog and PRI cards talking to the PIAF. Now I need to figure out inbound and outbound routing for the PRI and analog trunks (I figured out the DIDs on the PRI, but I’m clueless on the analog). I’d also like to see all the phones on the network through the OSS endpoint manager (or something like it), and issue a mass reboot once I set Option 66 on the router and have my TFTP server running. In another thread, it was suggested the reboot only works on registered phones, so I might be doing the registration 53 times and 53 desks. Ugh. So I ask you, oh great sages of all things Asterisk, for a bit of help.

I beg for your mercy.

If you are using a PoE switch power cycle it.

I have rebooted phones via the phone web interface. Looked up the IP address from the registration on the old box.

That’s the easy way, I’ll have to see if they have dual cabling to each desk. I’d rather not dump the workstations. It’s certainly a good idea.

Now to figure out inbound and outbound routing on the analog trunks. Oh yeah, on the 12 analog trunks there are 3 ring groups, and they can only go outbound on the trunks that come inbound. I can’t roll them to the PRI, though I’d love to.

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