[email protected] Emails. Can't locate the source

Hey guys,

We’ve been using FreePBX phone servers for a while now, and until recently we never had an issue with these emails. However, as soon as we installed the Schmooze Builder pack to use Fax Pro, we started seeing emails queue up in our mail server both to and from "[email protected]".

I immediately figured this was some default field somewhere in a configuration file or setting in the webGUI but I’ve looked for a few weeks now and can’t find where this email address is being referenced.

Can anyone help? I’ve looked in the Fail2Ban directory jail.conf and jail.local. As well as under the System Admin module in the webGUI.


Are you using the FreePBX Distro?
Are you using the SysAdmin PRO module?

We’re using PIAF Purple and yes we’re using System Admin Pro

Those are the default settings for fail2ban until you define your own email address in the intrusion detection of sysadmin

Hey Tony,

I’ve check in both jail.conf and jail.local in the Fail2Ban directory and have seen no such address listed in either of them.

Am I missing something?

You might want to paste your jail.local conf here…This address is indeed in this 2 files

We’re using PIAF Purple

And yes we’re using System Admin Pro, which I’ve looked through the GUI
portion and have changed all email notification fields to the correct one.