Non registering phones again

I can see this is a recurring theme - and there are lots of different ‘issues’ and I am lost.
New (ish) install of FreePBX distro.

Argh! sorry, … much more to come …

Here is the rest of the info.

Actually - I may have solved it. Please ignore this thread. I will start again if it proves to be fruitless. Sorry for the waste of time.

Yes its sorted (took longer than expected to register - prob blocked temporarily by the Intrusion detection), but I have a different problem (related). I will start a new thread.

That was interesting. :slight_smile:

in my defence, I have been struggling with it for a week :slight_smile: Adjusting the timeouts on the Intrusion Detection seemed to make the difference :slight_smile: Still need to get Zoiper to logon successfully though. That is really infuriating because it worked fine before I migrated to the new VM box (on VMware 6.5) from the stand alone physical one.