Nokia Sip connecting to asterisk

Hi all looking for a bit of info

Having an issue setting up a Nokia E51 to connect to my test Asterisk now server.

Settings as below:

Profile NAme: test
Service Profile: IETF
Default Access Point: Current WIFI point
Public Sip USer: 2002@Internal IP
User Compression: No
Registration: Always on
Use Security: No

Proxy Server -
Proxy Address: Internal IP
Realm: Asterisk
User: 2002
Pass: Current Password
Allow Loose Routing: Yes
Transport Type: UDP
Port: 5060

Registration Server -
Thisi s a mirror of the proxy settings

Standard SIP extention setup on the server.

When I try to connect I get the message

“Unable to connect to the connection network”

I can connect to the WIFI and browse the net without any issues so im not sure where im gonig wrong hehe :slight_smile:

Oh yeah standard PC based softphones work fine have also tried with a softphone on a laptop gonig over the same wifi connection with no issues.

Thanks in advance

did you search the site? There is at least one other post for that specific phone with information on configuring it.

yeah i did the only topic that came up was this one

and its no help :frowning: