Noise and Delay when selecting Ring Group from IVR

I’ve created an IVR. when an IVR is set to go to another IVR with certain key presses, this happens fast enough. But I have one option that goes to a ring group, but when I press the digit on the phone, I get a bad noise for a few seconds and then the Ring Group music on hold begins.

Two questions:

  1. is there a way to reduce this delay?
  2. it seems I get noise anytime there is silence, the noise is quite loud and sounds horrible. Is there a way to remove this silence noise? I can also hear the same noise when my announcement finishes and there is silence


anyone? havent been able to figure this out yet. After selecting an option on the IVR that routes to a Queue or Ring Group, there is at least 2 second delay before music on hold begins to play

You might want to check on what codecs are being used and whether you have the right format sound files and licenses if appropriate deployed. Ideally your system should transcode as rarely as possible, so if you uploaded a .wav file and your calls are using g729 then your system needs to transcode the .wav to g729, because depending on your hardware/deployment (of which you say nothing), it might take more time than expected, just a line of investigation to follow as your problem.

Thanks for that reply. Make sense. I will give that a try and report back.

In my Music On Hold section, I can only seem to use wav file formats. My SIP settings has ulaw, alaw, gsm codecs checked.

I cannot seem to be able to upload any other format other than wav for music on hold. If I upload mp3, freepbx converts it to wav. I am assuming this may be the reason why I am getting a noisy few seconds silence before any of my recordings. This only happens when externally calling in or out via my PRI line. Internal calls do not seem to be effected.

Any ideas?

This topic is a little old, but anyone have any resolution for this? Getting the same problem. Call quality is great, but when someone calls into one of our IVR and get transferred to a ring group or extension there is a “tv static” sound for about 1 full second. We only get that on inbound external calls, not internal calls.

Server is FreePBX 12.0.76, directly connected to Level 3 SIP trunk on their network, ULAW codec on SIP and phones. All recordings we’ve made are WAV, and music on hold is currently set to the default.