Node Key - Cannot Locate

I recently upgrade my system from FreePBX 13 to 14. Now the RSM module won’t start. I red a post indicating I need to re-enter my “Node Key” into the “update” section of the RSM module. My issue is I can’t seem to locate the node key. I’ve check in the portal and can’t find it there as well.
Where is the node key located?
Any assistance is very much appreciated.


@MC1 The RMS Key is listed under the licensing information on the deployment which you registered for RMS with. If you are still having issues finding it, open a support ticket at and we can assist you with this.

Hi Bryan
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I don’t know where to look for the licensing information. Is it:
1.) within the “node” on the RMS portal
2.) is it somewhere on the FreePBX portal
3.) or is it found within FreePBX itself - perhaps within in “System Administration”

Thanks in advance for your help.

It will be on the Licensing tab of the deployment in

Hi Bryan
I don’t see a Licensing tab on the
When I log into the portal I’m looking in user/customers>list customer>system>select the system that matches my deployment ID and then I see the following tabs General \ Users \ Address \ Additional \ Pricing \ Deployments \ Cards.
Unfortunately no Licensing tab. Am I looking in the wrong area?

You appear to be clicking the link for your Organization, not the button at the far right to see the deployment details.

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately I don’t see any button at the far right. So, if I’m at the home page after logging into the portal, what are my next steps?

After logging in, choose Products -> PBX -> List. Find your deployment and then click on the view icon on the far right. At this point, you should see your deployment where you will see the deployment details and should see a License tab.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I still don’t see the license tab. Here’s a screen shot of what I do see.


Your screen cap shows you are viewing details for your organization, not the deployment. After logging in:

  1. From Products menu on left, click Products, PBX, List
  2. This page displays all deployments under your control. For the deployment in question, locate the button at the far right in the View column and click it.
  3. These tabs show all details for a specific deployment, you are looking for the Licenses tab.

Thanks very much for the response. Your instructions worked perfectly.

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