No zaps after restoring freepbx from old server to new one

no zaps after restore
replacing a server that I suspect was having a hardware problem. Loaded up new one, with same openvox card then did amportal stop, genzaptelconf and the channels configured. I then loaded the freepbx back from the old server onto the new server and booted up and there are no zap channels.

ran genzaptelconf again but the card will not configure.
Any suggestions. Could restoring from backup mess this up?
Should I delete the contents of the zapata.conf then run genzaptelcon again?

What do you see with ztcfg -vv and zaptel_hardware -v ?

Look into your /etc/asterisk folder and check zapata-auto.conf and zapata-channels.conf. Some versions of genzaptelconf put the channels in one of those file, some in the other. Once you determine which file your channels are in put a include in zapata.conf for that file.

#include zapata-auto.conf


#include zapata-channels.conf

The leading “#” is required, by the way.

Do an amportal restart and all should be well.

If you build a new server, attempted to configure it, then “restored” from a older version (specially if different magor version number changes) that would be a problem because it will replace the existing files confured files with the older previous version of those files.

Backup and restore is really designed to be a same version to same version transfer. Under some situations it can work going to a newer version but not always.

Try redoing the configuration for the zap setup so that it generates the files again.